Come Share the Wine

29 Sep

I don’t know about you but as the weather starts to drop to cooler temperatures, my eagerness to be outdoors increases dramatically.  I am suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to work outside, to eat all meals on patios, and to find chores that involve the outdoors.  All those picnics that hip magazines and blogs referenced in the summertime?  Now is the time.  I have finally reached the point where a picnic sounds mildly pleasant.  The cast of characters: my closest friends and my Stack Wines. Truth be told, I came across Stack Wines on my beloved Pinterest app, where I delight in pictures of painstakingly delicious food and crafts I could never replicate.


The concept is simple enough:  portable wine.  The difference is, this wine isn’t heavy, or an awkward shape, or too many servings.  “Each “bottle” of Stack Wine consists of four individually sealed, shatterproof glasses of California wine.”                 (  All a consumer has to do is zip, snap, and sip.  Currently the company offers four different options of wine available for purchase online or at certain stores such as World Market.  Are you thirsty yet?

It’s a Kick in a Glass

24 Aug

57 years ago William A. Mitchell formulated a new orange-flavored powdered drink that we all know and love. Tang. Need I say more? The question is… what ever happened to Tang? How do you keep a beverage that was created 57 years ago relevant with an ever-changing consumer base? Back in 2007, sales in the United States had essentially ceased altogether and international sales had subsided for the powdered product made famous in outer space.


Kraft quickly put together a team of sharp South American associates and gave them a mission: double Tang’s international business in 5 years. How were they to pull off such a feat? Not many companies have the resources to enable their associates like Kraft did, to help this mission succeed. Kraft handed the executives a blank check and told them to fill in the amount needed.

What makes this different than all the other promotional activities out there today? Kraft went against traditional thinking. Instead of creating a budget and a methodical way to achieve all the necessary objectives within that budget, the check allowed the executives to work outside confined boundaries and allowed them to focus on the brand and its longevity. They also tapped into the expertise of executives outside the company.

Of course there was still a phased plan which was implemented — Tang is now offered in the popular one-drink packets perfect for school children. In addition, the team angled the add-water-only feature as one of convenience and earth-friendly.

And it worked!!

Credit for blog inspiration:  Sanjay Khosla and Mohanbir Sawhney, “It Took a Major Management Gamble to Rescue Tang,” Bloomberg Business Week,


Scrubba those Bubbles Away

22 Jun

Shortly after arriving in Paris, I realized much of what I packed would be useless.  It was much colder than anticipated.   After all, I’m a Texas girl, through and through.  I sadly stuffed my flowery skirts and comfortable dresses back into my luggage, and vowed to forget they were there. During the trip, I managed to swap my clothes enough so that I didn’t feel incredibly dirty, but with all the activity, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like a slob.  What occurred to me after I returned was that I could have utilized the scrubba.  This masterpiece enables a consumer to wash their clothes during travel with limited clothing, or an extended camping trip.


The concept is simple.  Buy the scrubba bag — the key piece is the flexible washboard inside — fill with water, cleaning liquid and clothing and scrub away!  Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.  Okay so I’m skipping a few steps, but the solution is the same — clean clothes quickly and efficiently.  The portable design makes it a no brainer for purchase.  At $65 each, the scrubba may seem expensive, but think about what you are saving.  In addition, if you take care of your scrubba, it can last years.

Just to top off their goodwill, the scrubba company donates cash to charities that provide clean water to those in need.

So, next time you are camping, or need to save room in your baggage for souvenirs, don’t hesitate to consider the scrubba!

Young is the Goal, isn’t it?

16 Jun

Backdrops of the beautiful city landscape surrounded us while we were on our honeymoon in France.  Advertisements were few and far between with the exception of movie promotions and Evian‘s Live Young ad campaign.

A mature adult face next to the younger version of that face (often with a humorous facial expression) appears side by side with just one slogan:  Live Young.  These simple, yet riveting ads not only easily captured the attention of tourists and natives alike, but also send a clear message.  Drink water and stay young.  Isn’t that everyone’s ultimate goal?  We eat well in order to keep our bodies healthy so we can stay youthful.  Evian is here to deliver the message to its consumers.


Pop on over to their website and read factoids such as these:

Water is essential to life. In fact, your body is mostly water. And about every 7 weeks, that water is renewed, mostly by what you drink. Each day, an average adult naturally loses 2.5 to 3 liters of water under normal conditions. That water must be replaced. A person can live 40 days without food, but will not survive more than 2 or 3 days without water. That’s why it’s so important to hydrate properly. ( 

In terms of selling a product, Evian doesn’t have to do much convincing.

Even so, their latest ads and videos illuminate their message and encourage the viewer to crack a smile.

Fortune Cookie

16 Feb

Every time I blink, a month and a half has passed and I start to sound like all of my coworkers.  “Where did all the time go?”  “I can’t believe it’s almost March!”  Something about the Spring and the end of the fiscal year rapidly approaching — it feels like time is moving twice as fast.

Now, I’ve never been to Shanghai but I know if I were going, I’d want the authentic experience.  I’d research thoroughly beforehand and ask for recommendations in order to find the food that the locals eat, so I could truly engage in my experience abroad.  Engaging in the culture would certainly last for at least a few days, but I could see the food leading to disappointment.  Where’s the sesame chicken?  I want my sweet and sour sauce!  This is what Americans sadly equate to chinese food.  Are you shaking your head in disgust right now?  Apparently, I’m not alone in my Americanized chinese food desires.

Fortune Cookie, created by David Rossi and Fung Lam, opened its doors in Shanghai eight months ago, is become more well known.  The core target market is Americans living in Shanghai feeling nostalgic for the guilty pleasures of American chinese food although 40% of their customer base represents Chinese people.

The main ingredients?  Skippy peanut butter, Mott’s applesauce and Philadelphia cream cheese – all American favorites.  This restaurant has really struck a chord with customers and the two young co-owners hope for business to flourish.

If you happen to visit Shanghai, please let me know how it tastes!  My guess?  It’s a bit of home in every bite.

Idea credit: NPR

HNY – 2014 Here we Come!

1 Jan

Happy New Year all!  Hope this year is full of unbroken resolutions and productive weekends and evenings.

Initially I was going to do some research about how restaurants lure in customers on New Years Eve, knowing that most everyone wants to eat out for dinner because it’s the right thing to do.  As it turns out, my preliminary findings were rather uninteresting.  Most restaurants, trying to be fancy or maybe just fit in (if you live in a place like Philadelphia or New York) – offer prix fixe meals.  Perhaps people find these deals to be appealing and can’t turn them down, but my husband and I just had a nice dinner at a new restaurant.  All I want on New Years is better than good food (check), great service (eh) and free wine.  Is that too much to ask?

Some restaurants take it a step further and offer a great view of the fireworks through the glass window of the restaurant.  Seriously?  I’m not impressed.

Hopefully everyone had a great New Year and are able to resist all of the post-Christmas deals that continue to fill up your inbox.

Drone Delivery – A new kind of impatient

2 Dec

I can’t help but tap my fingers in impatience as I turn my work computer on each morning waiting for the login screen to pop up.  I’ve come to rely on the … that iPhones offer customers so we know when the recipient is responding to our texts.  We as a society want everything at our fingertips, and we want it now.

Amazon knows their customer base.  As a company, they continue to strive to improve the quality and technology offered to their audience.  Amazon is currently testing drones to deliver packages (5 lbs or less) in 30 minutes or less to your very own front door.  The service would be offered through a company called PrimeAir which would allow an unmanned aircraft to retrieve these packages at Amazon fulfillment centers and deliver them as planned.  As of know the FAA does not allow these types of drone deliveries at this time, but this is a very realistic option for the future.

(source: Detroit Free Press)


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