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29 Apr

When you can’t seem to find the inspiration for creating your own short video, consider downloading Dubsmash.  This mobile app allows users to create a video of themselves (warmly known as a selfie) where they dub a famous quote.  Get it?

This app has taken over the internet capitalizing on the lip-synching craze.  Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik launched the app in 2014 and over 20 million users in over 190 countries have joined in on the fun.

The concept is simple:  take a famous quote, practice the timing until you’ve got it just right, and hit record.  The sound clip will play while you mouth the words and contort your face to look cool or expressive.   The app allows you to humiliate yourself by texting the video or saving it to your camera roll for future use.

Of course there are categories to organize all of the many clips, and users can add their own clips as they see fit.  The app itself will be ever-evolving as new television shows and movies make their debut.

If you need a good laugh, I’d encourage you to try it.  You’ll find yourself doing it over and over again until your lips have matched up with the sound clip perfectly!  That’s half the fun!

Playing the Health Card

27 Apr

Breaking news in the food industry:  Chipotle, loved by many, will stop serving G.M.O.s (genetically modified) ingredients.  This is a huge step for the food industry, especially in quick-service, due to the challenges associated with the transition.  These challenges include shortages in product availability and crop.  Even still, Chipotle has been moving this way for quite some time.  In 2013, Chipotle voluntarily labeled all of the items that contained G.M.O.s.  Through this transition, Chipotle continues to appeal to the younger crowd of consumers.  Considering this group eats out the most, this decision was a no-brainer.

“Chipotle is really showing that there’s a better way to do fast food,” Chipotle co-CEO Steve Ells told CNNMoney in an exclusive video interview. (http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/26/investing/chipotle-gmo-free/)

Keep the Story Going

20 Jan

I had been mulling over a genius idea for months, maybe even a year and the only soul I had shared it with was my husband.  Even though all husbands are obviously supposed to immediately agree with the ideas of their life partners (me), mine seemed hesitant.  I felt confident it would succeed so in the last few weeks I started to do some research.  Within minutes the great mind of Google brought me to a website which held all the answers.  As it turns out, some other really smart human that probably doesn’t have a 9-5 job had already invented MY idea, without consulting me at all.

The product:  Whispersync.

The brand: The ever-loyal Amazon.

This amazing idea allows Kindle readers to purchase a book as they are accustomed, add the audio companion (naturally incurring an additional cost) and then you are all set.  The system allows you to switch between reading and listening, saving your spot in your novel so no time is spent trying to locate it yourself.  Since this idea was initially mine, I’ll tell you why this is the greatest invention next to the imminent self-driving cars:

  1. By far the biggest issue with being a well-read person functioning in our ever-active society is that you cannot find the time to sit on the couch and pour into a book.
  2. This allows time for errands, working out, cleaning, and also relishing in the 30 minutes of alone time which you have been gifted.
  3. Not only does this system work on your kindle alone, but you can switch devices!  Left your Kindle at home?  No problem!  Grab your phone and plug into your novel instantly!

Amazon already has over 55,000 books with the special Whispersync companion, and the list continues to grow.  For someone like me who loves a good audiobook for road trips, and then hunkers down with a book to escape the real world, nothing can beat this.

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

26 Dec

Ah once again I’ve let busy season get the best of me, and my blog.

Now that Texas temperatures have dropped to the 40s at least once in the month of December, I decided a candle posting would be appropriate.

Two companies have stolen my heart in the candle department due to their sheer creativity and unique product.  One:  Nature’s Wick made by Smith Mountain Industries.  Two: Unwined Candles.

What first drew me into Nature’s Wick candles, available at Target stores nationwide, was the lovely aromas they had available.  They smell natural.  My holiday wreath candle has come in handy since our live tree isn’t exactly working its pine scent wonders.  In addition, these candles have wooden wicks, which allows a crackling sound as it burns.  If you live in an apartment and close your eyes for just a second, it sounds as if a delightful fire (the good kind) is nearby.  Approximate burn time is 180 hours.

I came across Unwined candles in a boutique store in Fredericksburg, Texas and the name already captured my attention.  The name evoking one of my favorite activities, unwinding, and playing on the pun of relaxing with wine.  This company actually uses recycled wine bottles as their base for the candle!  It’s a great idea – there are videos online about how to cut a wine bottle, but they appear rather daunting to me.  Unwined also uses soy wax candles, a sustainable resource.  Also, a well-made soy candle will burn slowly, a great advantage for the purchaser.

Every boutique store out there will likely have a vast selection of candles, but these two seem worthy of mentioning.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Remember, candles are a gift year-round!

Come Share the Wine

29 Sep

I don’t know about you but as the weather starts to drop to cooler temperatures, my eagerness to be outdoors increases dramatically.  I am suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to work outside, to eat all meals on patios, and to find chores that involve the outdoors.  All those picnics that hip magazines and blogs referenced in the summertime?  Now is the time.  I have finally reached the point where a picnic sounds mildly pleasant.  The cast of characters: my closest friends and my Stack Wines. Truth be told, I came across Stack Wines on my beloved Pinterest app, where I delight in pictures of painstakingly delicious food and crafts I could never replicate.


The concept is simple enough:  portable wine.  The difference is, this wine isn’t heavy, or an awkward shape, or too many servings.  “Each “bottle” of Stack Wine consists of four individually sealed, shatterproof glasses of California wine.”                 (http://drinkstack.com/)  All a consumer has to do is zip, snap, and sip.  Currently the company offers four different options of wine available for purchase online or at certain stores such as World Market.  Are you thirsty yet?

It’s a Kick in a Glass

24 Aug

57 years ago William A. Mitchell formulated a new orange-flavored powdered drink that we all know and love. Tang. Need I say more? The question is… what ever happened to Tang? How do you keep a beverage that was created 57 years ago relevant with an ever-changing consumer base? Back in 2007, sales in the United States had essentially ceased altogether and international sales had subsided for the powdered product made famous in outer space.


Kraft quickly put together a team of sharp South American associates and gave them a mission: double Tang’s international business in 5 years. How were they to pull off such a feat? Not many companies have the resources to enable their associates like Kraft did, to help this mission succeed. Kraft handed the executives a blank check and told them to fill in the amount needed.

What makes this different than all the other promotional activities out there today? Kraft went against traditional thinking. Instead of creating a budget and a methodical way to achieve all the necessary objectives within that budget, the check allowed the executives to work outside confined boundaries and allowed them to focus on the brand and its longevity. They also tapped into the expertise of executives outside the company.

Of course there was still a phased plan which was implemented — Tang is now offered in the popular one-drink packets perfect for school children. In addition, the team angled the add-water-only feature as one of convenience and earth-friendly.

And it worked!!

Credit for blog inspiration:  Sanjay Khosla and Mohanbir Sawhney, “It Took a Major Management Gamble to Rescue Tang,” Bloomberg Business Week, http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-07-30/how-kraft-foods-rescued-tang-from-a-downward-spiral


Scrubba those Bubbles Away

22 Jun

Shortly after arriving in Paris, I realized much of what I packed would be useless.  It was much colder than anticipated.   After all, I’m a Texas girl, through and through.  I sadly stuffed my flowery skirts and comfortable dresses back into my luggage, and vowed to forget they were there. During the trip, I managed to swap my clothes enough so that I didn’t feel incredibly dirty, but with all the activity, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like a slob.  What occurred to me after I returned was that I could have utilized the scrubba.  This masterpiece enables a consumer to wash their clothes during travel with limited clothing, or an extended camping trip.


The concept is simple.  Buy the scrubba bag — the key piece is the flexible washboard inside — fill with water, cleaning liquid and clothing and scrub away!  Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.  Okay so I’m skipping a few steps, but the solution is the same — clean clothes quickly and efficiently.  The portable design makes it a no brainer for purchase.  At $65 each, the scrubba may seem expensive, but think about what you are saving.  In addition, if you take care of your scrubba, it can last years.

Just to top off their goodwill, the scrubba company donates cash to charities that provide clean water to those in need.

So, next time you are camping, or need to save room in your baggage for souvenirs, don’t hesitate to consider the scrubba!


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